Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy 

We know that professional photography is an investment, an investment in time. Photos, albums and videos will become family heirlooms. 

While cameras and phones have amazing photographic abilities and are accessible with changing technology, it cannot replace experience, expertise and creative vision.  There is a difference between what amateur and professional photographers are able to create.

With this in mind we have based our practices upon 3 primary ideals: 

  1. YOU are our number 1 priority. This is YOUR day, it must be recorded with elegant, memorable photography. 
  2. The BEST moments in life are unexpected. We are always prepared for the unpredictable and are always looking for these little moments. We understand that the integrity of your event is often found in the smallest detail.
  3. BEAUTY INSPIRES CREATIVITY. You have provided the beauty, we provide the creativity. We push the creative boundaries by using every tool and new technology available. Professional cameras and lighting equipment are the tools that professional photographers should be using to capture not only the integrity but also the mood of your event. We have mastered the equipment so that obscure obstacles; e.i. lightening, time constrains etc..., can be dealt  with in a quick and precise manner. 

We are always striving for the intangible by using our experience with composition, lightening, design and balance to create a visually stunning portrait of your day. The differences between our experience and amateur photographers can be seen in our elegant imagery that results in a professional product.